The Power of Digital Video Data

We provide you with insights and data on your home entertainment products – and more. 

Having started with point-of-sale data for home video (Blu-ray and DVD) in 15 countries, we extended our services to  digital (transactional) video data in 23 countries. At the moment, we handle four million digital articles in our database from over 40 different sources. We match physical and digital data on title level, which are then added to our weekly or monthly panel.

Digital Tracker: How does it work?

The panel consits of four components. To get a complete picture of the international video market, we cooperate with the following: major studios (global and partly local retailer data), local studios (global and local retailer data), international retailers, and local retailers

Next level: Digital Revenue Management

Manual workflow, redundancy in reporting, or non-standardized processes can lead to possible errors, inaccuracies or insufficient data situation. Due to the increasing amount and complexity of data, mistakes will become more frequent in the future. 

With our digital revenue management, we offer a comprehensive and holistic approach to manage your digital revenue statements. We gather your revenue statement (by e-mail, download or via API, SFTP) and store it in a clean data room. All divisions receive complete, cleaned, and standardized data sets for their respective purpose, customized reports or an interface to the financial system. 


  • thousands of international retailers provide their data 24/7
  • secured and encrypted data storage systems
  • global data from numerous different sources
  • direct access to databases only for authorized persons
  • data completion tracking via import monitoring tool

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